Your participation in the Clean Air 5K will help Climate Nashville address the issue of air pollution in the greater Nashville area.


Climate Nashville is a groundbreaking coalition of faith based, social justice, environmental, and business organizations that is leading the local charge to move our region beyond fossil fuels toward a 100% renewable energy economy, reduce greenhouse gas emissions and other air pollution, and ensure climate justice. Supporting national and local policies that will reduce air pollution that causes climate change and suffering, provide our most vulnerable communities with the opportunity to speak for themselves, and give everyone access to clean energy will ensure a healthy planet for our communities and for future generations.

Climate Nashville partners include Sierra Club Beyond Coal Campaign, Sierra Club Tennessee Chapter, TN Parks and Greenways Foundation, American Baptist College Southern Christian Leadership Conference, Community Food Advocates, Statewide Organizing for Community Empowerments, TN Environmental Council, Citizens Climate Lobby, E3 Innovate, Nashville Home Energy Solutions, Landscape Solutions, BURNT, TN Interfaith Power & Light, Nashville Peace & Justice Center, Tennessee Alliance for Progress, Center for Spiritual Living, TN Organizing for Action, Net Green Works, Wild Cow, TN Conservation Voters, TN Ancient Sites Conservancy, Appalachian Voices, Southern Alliance for Clean Energy, Interfaith Earth Care Network, LightWave Solar, and American Muslim Advisory Council.


Nashville and surrounding counties continue to be challenged by air pollution that has significant health and justice consequences. Burning fossil fuels for power is a major contributor to air pollution. Children, the elderly, and individuals in lower socioeconomic communities often contribute the least to air pollution but suffer disproportionately from air pollution's health consequences. In Davidson County, 50,000 people suffer from asthma, 11,560 of them children, while 118,000 Davidson County residents live in poverty. Asthma is the number one chronic cause of school absenteeism among children, accounting for 13 million missed days of school annually. Poor housing conditions, economic instability, and close proximity to highways, power plants, and factories all contribute to a greater risk of air pollution related health issues.

Proceeds of the Clean Air 5K will support Climate Nashville's work on the following projects:

  • Funding solar installation in low-income neighborhoods
  • Educating community members about how to make actions count for the planet - reduce air pollution, improve community health, and advance justice
  • Promoting and expanding local and national policies that reduce air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions
  • Advocating for green jobs weatherization programs for low-income neighborhoods

The success of the Clean Air 5K depends on community participation and sponsorship. Climate Nashville needs your help. 

*References: American Lung Association's State of the Air report for Davidson County: